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Welcome visitors to my page of Butterflies & Bees. I start taking photographs every new year. You will be surprised how early Butterflies and Bees appear. Not just spring and summer. Keep a photographic diary, bee amazed !!!

Dragonfly resting in the sun

I took this image September 2013.

'Now you see Me'

Save Bees

Symbols of diligence & productivity


 'Now you see me' is the title for a Bee gathering nectar from a white rose.
Butterflies of Summer..jpeg

Every year I take images of Butterflies & Bees 

April Early Spring with Reflections (1).jpg

   The Margaret Taylor's Collection of Butterflies and Flowers

'Stepping Out' Butterfly walking.

Get to Know Me

My Artwork is Influenced by the natural world around me.

April Blossom 1..jpg
Bee Friend 1. Bee gathering nectar from purple flowers.

Bees symbolize hard work
and dedication

Dragonflies are symbols 
of light and positivity

The Dragonfly is Resting in the sun on a leaf in the hedgerow.
Bee taking nectar from a budlija flower
Damselfly near the pond in summer.
White Structure

to my pictures of animals on the farm

I love working with my clients to help them realise their dreams - your vision is the important thing, and I can translate that into reality - please contact me and I will discuss your ideas with pleasure.

Collage of seven foxes all hand painted onto tiles
Portrait of longwool sheep painted onto fine bone china bowl
Murals, Tiles and Wood. Collage of murals and tile murals also paintings on wood_
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