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Homepage for June & July

As an artist, I strive to bring beauty to the world through my works. My goal is to help people find their own creative paths and to express their emotions through art. I also want to inspire others to use art as a means of self-expression.

I have been creating art for many years and I have worked in a variety of mediums. My works are colorful and vibrant and are often inspired by nature and the beauty of the natural world. I hope to bring joy and inspiration to those who view my work.

Fruit, vegetable and flower hand painted table.

Unlock your creative side with Margaret Taylor Artist

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My Story about Margaret & the Louth Jewellery shop mural

Get to know the Mural

I am Margaret Taylor and I first painted the Louth Jewellery Shop mural during the cold and windy weather of 1987. After my first major repaint in 2005 I have done a few touch ups and more extensive repaints in 2012 and 2017.

Drawings and oil paintings of cats and  dogs

Drawings and Oil Paintings of Cats & Dogs

Close Detail from Pastel portraits of child and cat_

Pastel Portraits

Portrait of long haired Dachund with photograph of dog in right hand bottom corner.

Portraits from Photographs

Kitty and Kittens.

A drawing of your cat. From your  cat's 

point of view.

Please contact Margaret for more infornation

A drawing of five cats in the garden.

A family of cats enjoying the garden.

Engage your Imagination

Your imagination is a gift for you to use....

Art photograph

Bee in the pink flower in June

Bee'spoke hand painted fine
bone china bowls

The Large Fruit Bowl of two Siamese_edit

Two Siamese cats 

Hand painted

onto china bowl


Felix the ginger cat and Poppies. Hand painted onto fine bone china bowl.

White Dot Moth

White Dot Moth resting on blue & stone masonery

A Sight to See

The Poppy

The Epitome of Simplicity

The Orange Poppy. Hand painted orage poppy onto fine bone china. Flower with bud, foget-me
June Poppies. Painting of poppies on canvas with photo of poppies in foreground_
Hand painted poppy and flower on china cup & saucer
Sunset and the Poppy.
Reverse side of Hand painted poppy bowl
Poppies  and butterfly hand painted tile.
The river in July_
Art photograph of Mid-May Landscape
Biscathorpe Herd in April

Cattle grazing at Biscathorpe
& other images

Before Harvest
Biscathorpe 3.

The 'Art Photographs of 
the Lincolnshire Wolds'
feature as backdrops on this website.

'Ducks and geese in April' Hand painted tiles.

Ducks love April

 To explore the ways you might want to use 'Artworks' in your home or business.

Please feel free to use the button below without obligation

Hand painted backsplash 'Fighting Hares' on hand painted tiles.

Fighting Hares in early Spring

Orange Torquise Gradient

Commission your
own Artwork

July clouds on a sunny day


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