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Country Animals

Artwork.Working Horses hand painted onto tiles
Artwork.Country Animals hand painted Pigs on Wood 1.
Artwork. The many faces of Mr Fox
Artwork.  Farmyard collage of Country Animals
Artwork. Examples of Tile Murals with Horses
Hand painted tiles. Fighting Hare hand painted Tiles.
Bespoke hand painted tiles. Farmyard Tile Murals.
Hand painted tile murals. Close detail from example of past commission
Artwork of hand painted Horses Working in the field.
The Lamb. Oil Painting.
Sheep drawing in a blue oval mount. Drawing in pencil.
Bespoke Hand Painted China Bowl with a painting of a longwool sheep.
Bespoke hand painted White Park Bull and Cow onto China Plate.
Hand Painted Plate. Hand painted picture of Longhorn cow.
Decorative branch

Hand Painted China & Tiles


I am an artist and animal enthusiast, dedicated to bringing the beauty of the countryside to life. Through my art, I aim to capture the unique features of each farmyard animal and create a sense of appreciation for the wildlife creatures that we so often overlook. I am passionate about creating art that celebrates the country animals and birds that grace the fields, forests, wolds and waterways around us. My work is a reminder to us all that the world is a beautiful place, and that the animals we share it with are an important part of our environment.

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