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Preparatory Drawing for past commission.
Pastel of Child in the summer sunshine
Paintings and Drawings. pastel tinted drawing of two longwool sheep.
Oil painting of 'Family Cats' with two ginger cats resting on a grassy bank.
Paintings and Drawings. Drawing of Three Cats grouped together looking out of the picture.
Kitty and Kittens suckling as Kitty their mother sleeps.
Paintings and Drawings. Tinted Drawings of Children.
Oil painting (detail) 'Fish' by Margaret Taylor.
Paintings and Drawings. Early evening on top of the Wolds
Oil Painting of Emily as a kitten.
Watercolour of Emily in Spring
Oil Painting of dog in his senior years.
Oil painting of Jack Russell
Oil painting of Retriever.
Oil painting of working dogs
Paintings and Drawings. Collage of Margaret's Cats Exhibitions
Oil Painting of Bluebell Wood. 1. (2)
Preparatory drawing of Sheep.
Oil painting of 'Early morning mist'
Paintings and Drawings. Late Summer 1.

If you are looking for a unique commissioned portrait, I can create one for you in pencil, pastel, or paint. All you need to provide is an image and a description of the personality and character of the subject. I will give you an exact quote, not an estimate, so you can be sure of the cost with no surprises.

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Landscape Paintings


01507 343536


Detail from Painting 'May' in the Lincolnshire Wolds


Poppies in June Landscape


Painnting of the rolling Lincolshire wolds home of 'The Cat Band Story'
Early morning mist in the winter.
A drawing of five Cats in a garden

This is a drawing of a family of cats enjoying the garden.

If you would like a drawing or painting of your cat or cats in their natural surroundings please contact Margaret.

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