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I am Margaret Taylor, an artist specialising in bespoke commissioned artwork. I have been making art for several decades and I strive to create pieces that are unique and meaningful to my clients. My works are inspired by my home environment and my love of nature and the outdoors. My artwork is designed to evoke emotion and bring a sense of joy and beauty to any space. I use a variety of traditional and modern techniques to create each one of my pieces, and I always take the time to get to know my clients and understand their vision for each project. If you are looking for a truly unique and personalised artwork, I am the artist for you.

Grow Your Vision

As an artist, I strive to bring beauty to the world through my works. My goal is to help people find their own creative paths and to express their emotions through art. I also want to inspire others to use art as a means of self-expression.

I have been creating art for many years and I have worked in a variety of mediums. My works are colorful and vibrant and are often inspired by nature and the beauty of the natural world. I hope to bring joy and inspiration to those who view my work.

Unlock your creative side with Margaret Taylor Artist

P1200354 (3).jpeg

Bespoke hand painted fine
bone china bowls

The Large Fruit Bowl of two Siamese cats encircling a pink flower.

Two Siamese cats and a pink Lilly.

Hand painted

onto china bowl


Felix the ginger cat and Poppies. Hand painted onto fine bone china bowl.
British White Cattle hand painted Tile with three British White Cows.
Autumn fields in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Art photograph taken in October 2013.

Pastels, Greeting Cards & The Cat Band Story

Trees in Winter & shades of grey

 Bespoke Greetings Cards

Personal Greetings Cards are a unique way to send your warmest wishes to friends and family. I can create a commissioned portrait of a loved one or favourite landscape which can then be printed onto cards, providing you with your own personal Christmas or Birthday stationary. Make your cards special with a beautiful, hand-painted image

Commission your own bespoke greeting cards. Christmas card with drawing of cat with red ribon around his neck & purple and pink boarder.

The Cat Band Story

My unique commissioned portraits in pastel provide a delicate and beautiful way to capture the personality and essence of your loved one. My portraits are created with the highest quality materials and the finest attention to detail, making them the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you want to commemorate a family member, friend, or pet, my pastel portraits will create an unforgettable keepsake.
The Cat Band Story. Picture of Stripy playing double bass.On the left is Felix and his Saxaphone. Right. Nelly and Kitty.

 Portraits in Pastels 

Discover the captivating works of Margaret Taylor, Artist. From the whimsical world of 'The Cat Band Story' to the beauty of nature, explore her commissioned portraits and find the perfect piece to bring your unique vision to life. Let Margaret Taylor's artistry take you on a journey of discovery and captivate your imagination.

Close Detail from Pastel portraits of child and cat_
Sheep in October Sunshine.jpeg
Before Harvest
Lincolnshire Wolds Landscape with a preparatory drawing of a longwool sheep resting on the hand of the Shepherd.

My Art Photographs are used as backdrops on most areas of this website

I was commissioned to paint a fine bone china bowl with an image of Longwool and Shepherd.

This was my preparatory drawing.

Orange Torquise Gradient

Grow Your Vision

Before the snow..jpeg

Have a Good Christmas

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