How to Commission a Tile Mural

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How to Commission a Mural

If you want a tile mural for behind a range or cooker, you could buy “off the peg” ceramic tiles off the internet or your local tile
shop. Subject images could be animals, birds, flowers or trees. However, if you have something personal in mind, for example
your own pet dog pictured in the area around your home, or a path on your favourite walk, where would you go to achieve this.

I am an Artist, I work every day on paintings that inspire me, the landscapes around my home in the countryside.
I also enjoy working on portraits of people and animals, set in their natural environments.

Some years ago, I answered my phone to a potential customer who lived a few hundred miles away. Nicky had read my
advert in the AGA magazine. She wanted to know how to commission a tile mural for behind her range.
To achieve the Image you require "How to Commission a Mural"

I did not have a computer then. We used the telephone and the post to great effect. For those without the latest technology
I am happy to communicate in this old fashioned, but friendly way.

For a period of a few months I listened to Nicky, sketched her dog in different poses, and studied photographs of the coastline
in Dorset where she walked “Missy” . We talked about her love of her dog and her coastline. I really enjoyed her stories of both.

Before long, I knew my customer, my subject (Missy) and I was also acquainted with the Dorset coastline.
The time came to complete the mural. Final sketch and tinted paintings had been seen and approved by Nicky. Using specialist
paint directly onto the tiles, the mural grew. I took another photograph, posted it and waited for the go ahead.
The tiles were then kilned at very high temperatures, several times, bonding and fusing the paint into the china surface of the tiles, they were now indelible.

Now the best part of my story. Time arranged, tiles packed, I travelled over 200 miles to a delicious lunch with Nicky,
while we watched the tiler construct the mural in front of us. Please check out my other Website......